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Our children and our planet deserved better

"We started True Fleece after struggling to find a natural alternative to plastic-based uniforms. It’s vital that we can choose natural, ethically produced clothing, that is not only amazing to wear, but helps take care of our planet.  We started out making merino dressing gowns for our kids to keep them warm when they were little. 

This progressed to jerseys when the children started school because we didn’t want them wearing synthetic garments, such as the standard polar fleece, when there is this amazing natural, warm comfy alternative - merino wool. 

 From humble beginnings, the business has expanded and we now offer a wide range of sustainable, traceable, and natural garments for men, women and children.  

 We only use ZQ Merino wool, the world's leading ethical fibre, and all our garments are proudly 100% grown and sewn in New Zealand." 

Carl and Tori Uren  
100% True Fleece owners and operators