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We are very proud to be a brand partner of New Zealand Merino, with this comes the opportunity to source only the best merino wool through the ZQ merino program. There are so many different reasons why using ZQ wool is important to us, please follow the link down the bottom to discover ZQ.                                                                                                                                                                                  


ZQ accreditation program


Independent Accreditation
ZQ wool is sourced directly through handpicked growers who are committed to continually improving product performance, farm management practices, animal health and welfare, environmental, economic and social values.
Independent third party auditing is undertaken by Asure Quality (, an internationally recognized assurance organization, to ensure that production systems meet the highest standards.
Social Responsibility
Sustainable farming is closely linked with the social and economic welfare of farmers, farm workers and the local communities.
The ZQ accreditation program encourages the continuation of the culture of robustness and resilience and the health and safety of those living, working and visiting ZQ accredited farms.
To learn more about ZQ Merino please follow this link to the New Zealand Merino Companies Discover ZQ Wool page  or go to the Discover ZQ Website: 
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