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The True Fleece Story

True Fleece is proud to produce a range of merino clothing that is designed to be worn by real people doing real things, where comfort, function and warmth is a priority.

True Fleece began with Carl and Tori Uren, farmers from Akaroa, New Zealand. They wanted to provide their children with easy care clothing that offered year round comfort, was durable, sustainable, bio-degradable, and did not harm animals to make.  Soon after making their own merino clothes, Carl and Tori realized all the kids in town could benefit and so they started making uniforms for their local school. The birth of True Fleece NZ happened soon after, in 2014, as they realized parents and aunts and uncles, and pretty much everyone would benefit from these amazing Merino wool clothes.  After several years of rapid growth in New Zealand, in 2018 we began the process of bringing True Fleece to North America.

"Performance, Naturally"

The mission of True Fleece is to bring natural exceptional performance merino wool based clothing into the mainstream. Why Merino? True Fleece Merino is renewable, fully traceable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the latest technology, our merino wool is so fine, it does not itch.  You'll look great, stay comfortable and wear clothing that performs at the highest level of whatever activity you are engaged in. Our breathable, thermal regulating, odor resistant material allows you to move in complete comfort, with the best possible flexibility, and you really don't have to wash it every day.

Global Impact Solutions

Most people don’t realize the amount of micro-plastics they release into our waterways and oceans by simply doing a load of laundry. On average, 700,000 tiny plastic fibers from synthetic, petroleum-based plastic clothing (polyester, acrylic, etc.) get released into our watershed during every wash load.  With millions of loads of laundry being done everyday, those fibers are everywhere, and they don’t break down.

True Fleece Merino is part of the solution.  No harmful fibers are released when you wash Merino wool.  All of the fibers are natural and fully biodegradable. Merino wool is soft, durable, odor resistant, and breathable.  Basically, Merino wool is a miracle material.

Join True Fleece Merino and become a part of the solution.

We feel it is vitally important that you can choose sustainable, ethically produced clothing that is not only amazing to wear but helps take care of our oceans and waterways as well.

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