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True Fleece "Performs Naturally"

True Fleece North America “Performs Naturally.”  When considering this slogan for our product, we of course put a great deal of time considering the message we wanted to send to our customers.

“Performs” for True Fleece represents the comfort, warmth and ability to adjust to a variety of climates and for a variety of activities. This includes, but is certainly not limited too, any outdoor athletic event from hiking, to biking, to skiing, to golf or to running. Other sports where True Fleece base-layers are part of the normal dress preference for comfort and performance, such as hockey, soccer, football, softball and baseball are also sample activities for our True Fleece customers.

We also wanted to emphasize to our customers that you do not have to be an athlete to benefit from the same incredibly positive features of True Fleece. By far the most comfortable garments I wear that perform at the highest level of comfort for me when I am shoveling, raking leaves or working in the wood shop are my True Fleece base-layers, beanies and hoodies.

Having clothing that is not heavy and is flexible to move freely in are just as important when you want to be outdoors doing any work or involved in any activity. I also know that there are times prior to True Fleece that I would hesitate to even go outdoors or come in early because I was cold and wet, which has now been eliminated. I know my level of fitness through my comfort and increased time moving outdoors has improved without having to be athletic! Good thing for me!!

“Naturally” for True Fleece represents our commitment to protecting our environment. Eliminating dangerous materials in our clothing such as polyesters (containing plastic) and investing in 100% merino wool is the next of the positive steps to our world going "green". True Fleece North America is proud to partner with the merino wool farmers of New Zealand to bring this environment friendly clothing to the United States and Canada. True Fleece has the unique distinction of now being ZQ certified which represents the highest level of animal care in the production of our clothing.

Performs Naturally” is something our company takes pride in for every one of our customers and we are 100% confident that all will share in our assessment of this incredible line of clothing. We are also committed to taking feedback from our customers seriously and while we know we are producing high level products, we also want to continue to grow and respond to your needs and the global mission of protecting our environment.


Brian Pickering
True Fleece North America VP
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