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Don’t Let Fleece Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes

Don’t Let Fleece Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes

When researching fabrics found in what we all refer to as “fleece,” it will be soon discovered that when you look closely, the blend can be quite different from product to product.  Some is made naturally, some is not.


How is your typical fleece sweatshirt made?  For polyester fleece, the fibers need to be created. This is done by using a chemical reaction that involves petroleum and petroleum derivatives. The chemicals are heated until they form a thick syrup, which then hardens and is spun to form threads. Most would agree that this blend of fleece is warm and comfortable.  However, these polyester based products, in fact, are a major problem when it comes to polluting our earth. Consider this blog:


For many of us, we likely first heard the term fleece when we were very young. “Mary had a little lamb who had a fleece as white as snow.” We likely thought that all fleece was the wool from sheep and we probably did not care a great deal about the environment or that there was a healthier, all natural fabric and clothing made.

We have all worn several fleece garments that we certainly considered comfortable and warm over the years without ever once pausing to think of what kind of fabric went into the clothing. For me,  the standard for “warm and comfortable,” has recently changed. Learning about how environmentally friendly Merino Wool fabric is has convinced me that Merino is the future.


How is Merino Wool Clothing Made?


True Fleece merino wool is a natural fibre sustainably grown by passionate farmers on the land they love. The same natural properties that have evolved to keep Merino sheep comfortable in all weather extremes, translate into fabrics and garments that impart the same comfort, protection and versatility to you, whether as a fashion item, lifestyle apparel piece or technical outdoor garment.

Softness is a key attribute of apparel comfort, True Fleece merino fibers are so fine that when fabricated into a garment and in contact with the skin, they simply bend, meaning there is no sensation of prickle, only softness and comfort. If the apparel next to your skin is harsh or rough the level of comfort is lower and accordingly your overall well being and demeanor is affected.

There are a very few companies that have the highest level of Merino wool that is identified as “ZQ” certified wool:

Merino wool is a natural 100% renewable fibre and has many beneficial attributes, these include...

  • Merino wool is super warm & ultra comfortable. Merino is an insulator and holds the body's heat, so you can be assured you will be warm and comfortable.
  • Merino wool is tough, easy-care & fully machine washable. Merino wool's warmth actually increases when washed.
  • Merino is non-prickly. Traditionally wool has a reputation of being scratchy to wear, but merino is chosen for the majority of wool clothing as merino fibres are very fine and soft.
  • Merino is naturally stain resistant. Perfect for messy children! The natural properties of wool makes it resistant to stains so an item of clothing doesn't need to be washed as much.
  • Merino is harmless to the environment, it is 100% biodegradable and sustainable.
  • Merino wool is fire resistant.
  • Merino wool regulates body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Merino sheep naturally grow a similar amount of wool every year, which means it is 100% sustainable.

So in the end, don’t be fooled by the term or ingredients in your “fleece.” Companies like “True Fleece North America” are making the highest level of clothing and are paying the most attention to protecting our environment, petroleum based fleece clothing companies are not.


Written by:  Brian Pickering

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