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I can remember first hearing about recycling when I was in my early twenties. Our local dump was closing and a new recycle center was opening where we would need to separate glass, plastic bottles, newspaper, metals and tin with actual "trash" when going to this new place. 
Why are we bothering to take this much time for trash I thought? Throw the stuff in a trash bag and toss it in a big pile at the dump. What difference could we possibly be making with me taking an extra hour a week to separate at home and then again on my trip to the dump?
Well of course over time the answer became  clear and the routine became quite simple. Significantly reducing the dangerous non organic materials into our earth was leading to negative health related consequences to our present and more importantly future generations. 
More recent, now in my fifties, I had the same conversation with myself with regard to the clothing I wear. What do you mean there are dangerous plastics in much of the clothing I wear in my clothing? What do you mean that the health of my skin which is the most protectant organ of our body can be affected by the material I wear? Why would anyone pay a little more money for clothes when there are far more important things to save for? 
Well here I go again, after a series of articles, photos and science related facts about our clothing, its time for my investment and routine for wearing clothing to change. Here is what I have learned and now experienced in my organic wool clothing and here is why I am starting to purchase and wear merino wool products.
On average, 700,000 tiny plastic fibers from synthetic, petroleum-based plastic clothing (polyester, acrylic, etc.) get released into our watershed during every wash load.  With millions of loads of laundry being done everyday, those fibers are everywhere, and they don’t break down.
No harmful fibers are released when you wash Merino wool.  All of the fibers are natural and fully biodegradable. Merino wool is soft, durable, odor resistant, and breathable.  Surprisingly, merino wool also is not what I thought through inaccurate stereotype. It is not scratchy, designed only for cold weather and bulky. In fact the best wool products can do it all now and perform well in any environment and for any purpose.
I am proud to now be a part of True Fleece North America who is working with our farming friends in New Zealand to bring the highest quality of wool clothing in the world to the North America population. Just like our change in recycling habits, it will soon become quite clear and habit changing in the coming years for our world's investment in our health.
Brian Pickering
True Fleece North America VP
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